VIDEO AUDITIONS – UCT Theatre & Performance

Please read these instructions carefully while preparing, filming and uploading your monologue.

  • You are to perform 2 acting pieces of maximum 2 minutes each as well as a 30-40 second personal introduction. Your whole video should be a maximum of 5 minutes long. Your personal introduction should include your name, age, where you’re from and why you want to study theatre at UCT. YOU ARE ONLY ABLE TO SUBMIT ONE VIDEO, SO YOUR INTRODUCTION, AND TWO MONOLOGUES MUST ALL BE IN ONE VIDEO.
  • Ensure that you include full-length/full-body frame when filming, not just a head-shot/close up.
  • If your monologue is speaking to another character, don’t direct the speech to an 'invisible person’ on stage. That means don’t set up a chair and speak to it, and don’t direct your speech at a wall or to empty space. Use the camera as the character you’re addressing and speak directly to us or the person filming you.
  • Don’t edit or cut the video in any way, and don’t add any graphics to the video.
  • Film in a room with clear audio against a plain coloured wall, preferably inside. Be sure to listen to the playback to see if your voice is completely clear in the space you’ve chosen! Don’t film in rooms with an echo.
  • The video does not have to be HD quality, but be sure whoever is filming you keeps the camera completely still (i.e. no camera movement). You can film on your cellphone camera or a basic digital camera.
  • You can use props and set as you see fit, but try to keep this to a minimum. Your video will not be judged on production value. Keep it as stripped down and as simple as possible.
  • If you’re applying in a language other than English (bilingual streams), prepare at least one of your pieces in that language, e.g. Afrikaans or IsiXhosa.
  • Don’t do accents! In first year, we’re much more interested in your own voice and how you interpret the piece in a way that feels like an honest reflection of your own experience and background. Speak in your own voice!
  • We want you to do THEATRE monologues, not movies! Make sure that you are choosing male or female monologues according to your gender. Below are links to some suggested monologues.
  • We also recommend, if you have access to them, Junkets publisher’s 2 books of monologues for 16+ age group. You can order them from Get your school to order them!

Have a great audition!

Please see the list of suggested monologues. TRY TO READ THE WHOLE PLAY! Applicants are welcome to present their own choice of pieces should they not wish to choose from the suggested monologue list.

Please note: these monologues are only suggestions. Applicants are welcome to present their own choice of pieces. Please ensure that you source and read the entire play.