Dr Jacki Job

Senior Lecturer

Based at University of Cape Town, PhD in Dance & Performance Studies. Competent, dynamic, energetic, lateral thinker, focused, autonomous, imaginative, scholastic, creative, with more than 20 years of professional practical experience. Noted for staging complex theatrical concepts in an interdisciplinary fashion. Accomplished in developing performance methodologies for dancers, actors and singers. Skilled in structuring academic movement-based/performance courses for universities and grass-root programs nationally and internationally. Offers specialist workshops in sound, breath & movement. Certified intimacy-co-ordinator for film. Fluent in English and Afrikaans with excellent conversational and adequate writing abilities in German, Japanese and French.

Research Interest

Interrogating how the application of non-western and indigenous performance methodologies and philosophies, such as butoh, can enhance performance processes and perspectives of the body. Developing theory and a philosophy of the body related to liminality and what it means to be a person in transformation in South Africa.

Awards & Achievements

2019 Awarded NRF Thuthuka Grant & NAC production funding

2016 Recipient of David & Elaine Potter Fellowship

2015 Impressario and co-producer of Grandslam ­- Japanese dance company, Condors.

SA tour: Oude Libertas (Cape Town), Catalina Theatre (Durban), PACOFS (Bloemfontein)

2014-16 Director-Choreographer of African Angels tours in Germany, Holland, Austria, Sweden

2014 Awarded NRF Innovation and NAC academic grants

2011 Appointed as interim Artistic Director of Jazzart Dance Theatre

2010 Co-producer of 1st Japanese-South African contemporary dance collaboration, Two As One.

2009 Performed duet with living dance legend, Yoshito Ohno (Japan)

2008 Created Spiral Therapy, a treatment/exercise program for pregnant women, endorsed by leading Japanese physician, Dr. Hideki Sakamoto

2006-11 Resident Artist at Session House, Tokyo

2005 Awarded Bunka Cho Scholarship by Japan Cultural Ministry

2004 Residency at Impulstanz, dance festival in Vienna

2003 Residency at Dancas na Cidade, dance festival in Lisbon

2002 Producer of Dutch/South African dance collaboration, Xclaim, with Dutch choreographer, Piet Rogie. Funded by Dutch Embassy South Africa and DACST.

1996 FNB/Vita Awards: Best Female Dancer, Young Choreographer’s Grant

Peer Reviewed Publications

2019 Translate(ral) Bodies through Daai za Lady and Butoh, South African Theatre Journal

2018 Butoh as an Approach to Performance in South Africa, Routledge Companion to Butoh Performance

2017 Life and Live Art: Reflexive Comments on Interdisciplinary Performances in Cape Town, Journal of Music Arts Africa

2013 Butoh as a supplementary course in Dance Studies at High Schools on the Cape Flats, South African Dance Journal, Vol. 2, Issue 1

Specialised Workshops

2019 Intimacy Co-ordination, Tools to approach and sustain the making of intimate physical scenes for performance with consent and respect

2014 Butoh as an Approach to Performance Making, Focusing on butoh principles to develop alternative creative patterns and perspectives of the body, space and inanimate objects in the world

2007 Movement Dynamics, A self-created body conditioning methodology holding a philosophy of human-animal connections within the body

Solo Creations, Collaborations, Commissions, Residencies


1995 Daai za Lady, Solo performed in theatres, festivals & academic contexts in Europe, Africa, Asia & America

2019 And Then…, A solo performance embodying desire and compassion in the language of the praying mantis   

2018 Zeitz MOCAA opening (associated artist), 

2017 Of Dreams and Dragons, Collaboration with Japanese butoh artist, Live Art Festival (ICA)

2014 - 2016 African Angels, Internationally touring opera concert by Cape Town Opera company performed in prestigious in opera houses in Germany, Switzerland, Austria & South Africa

2013, 2014  Madam Butterfly, Marriage of Figaro, Movement director, performed by Cape Town Opera Company, Artscape Opera House

2011 TV commercials & films incl. Warrior (Intimacy Co-ordinator), Reebok, Standard Bank, Clan of the Cave Bear

2009 Conceived and wrote poem: Going Home

2006 - 2011 Theatre Resident Artist, Based at Session House, Tokyo, Japan

2004 Conceived and wrote short story: The Kiss

2003 Conceived, produced & directed 11min short film: Insomnia 

2003-2011 10 full-length dance creations, Tokyo, Japan

2002 Faranani, Solo performer & choreographer for President Nelson Mandela & the Dutch royal family, Royal Carré Theatre, Holland

1998, 2000  Porgy and BessChoreographer, performed by Cape Town Opera, Artscape Opera House & Grahamstown Festival       

With artists like Jacki Job around, fresh aesthetics can be developed. The Star Newspaper

Teaching Experience

In South Africa…

University of Cape Town  Course content creation, Facilitation, Exam formulation

2018 1st Year – Foundation Course co-convenor, Performance Genealogies

2nd ,3rd Year – Choreography Course, Butoh (Theory + Practical)

2017 Dance Dept.      

1st  Year Contemporary Dance

2nd Year African Dance History, Body Presence, Contemporary Dance Technique,

3rd  Year Performance

Drama Dept. 

Butoh as an Approach to Performance in South Africa (Theory + Prac Seminars)


Drama Dept.      

3rd year Theatre Making (co-ordinator: Jay Pather)

 3rd year Butoh and Movement (co-ordinators: Geoffrey Hyland, Jackie Singer)


Drama Dept.

Theatre Making Skills to 3rd year performer and director students

Release Based Contemporary Dance to 1st, 2nd, 3rd year

1999 Movement/choreography

Opera School      2nd, 3rd year performer students

1997 Drama 1

Drama School

Practical course to 1st year students

1993 -1995         Movement

Drama School     Rhythm & Release to 3rd year and postgrad performers

Rhodes University

2013 Masters By Coursework: Contemporary Performance Specialisation. Butoh Residency

University of the Western Cape

2013 Gender Equity Unit: ‘Performance Process’ workshops

In Japan…

Kanda Institute of Foreign Languages, Tokyo

2006 – 2011 English

Using the Arts and creativity to teach communication skills and cultivate lateral thinking to 1st and 2nd year students.

Centre for Advanced Studies, Tokyo

2009 – 2011

1st & 2nd year university coursework designed for Japanese students transferring to institutions in the US, UK, Canada or Australia.

Shure University, Tokyo

2009 – 2011

NPO university creating entrepreneurs through alternative education methodologies.

Ongoing workshops in Movement Dynamics

Temple University, Tokyo

2009 Movement Dynamics

Practical course offered to casual and part-time students in the Continuing Education Department  

Chukyo Female University Nagoya, Nagoya

2009 Master Class

Dance Dept Workshops to 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students of personal repertoire

Gunma University (Gunma, Japan), JAPEW, Kagoshima and Tokyo, Japan

2005 - 2007 Rhythm & Contact Improvisation

Workshops & creating performance to 120 teachers of physical education

Waseda University (Tokyo), Tsukuba University (Tsukuba)

2005 Rhythm, Release, Contact Improvisation

Dance Dept Workshops to 1st, 2nd, 3rd year students

In London…

Rambert Ballet School

1996 Release Based Contemporary Dance  - 1st, 2nd, 3rd year

Profile Overview

1988 Activities in Education, TV, Arts in South Africa, England, Germany, Singapore, Japan.

1988-94 Trained in contemporary dance and became member of Jazzart Dance Theatre 

1993-96 Extensive community-based teaching incl Mary Harding (school for the handicapped), Dominican School for the Deaf and NGO’s based on the Cape Flats.

1995-98 Co-founder of Jagged Dance (independent, self-funded dance company)          

1998 Founder and director of independent dance company, Spiral Productions

1995 Created more than 60 original full-length productions performed nationally and internationally

1993-02 Engaged as ad-hoc lecturer at UCT Drama School   

2003-11 Based in Tokyo, Japan as a dancer/choreographer/teacher

2011 Returned to South Africa

Created Mama Dance Agency (agent for commercials and films)

Performing, choreographing, directing, teaching self-methodology - Movement Dynamics 

2012 Engaged as ad-hoc lecturer at UCT Drama School   

2013 Awarded First Class Honours in Dance research (UCT)

2014 Completed Masters degree (full dissertation)

2014 Director and choreographer of internationally touring opera concert, African Angels

2015 Dance project in Imizamo Yethu (township), in partnership with City of Cape Town

2016 Commencing practice-based PhD, UCT Drama Dept, Dance specialization

2017 Full-time lecturer/researcher appointment in the Centre for Theatre, Dance & Performance Studies, University of Cape Town   

Mission Statement

To dance, question, investigate...create work at the global cutting edge and forge connections, collaborations and exchanges with artists on national and international levels. To always express emotions, passions, observations, with the utmost integrity and truth. To be fluid with notions, embody lateral philosophies that stimulate the imagination. To enable people to find, know and become excited about fulfilling their potential in life. To continue to integrate and fine-tune multiple roles of being woman-mother-lover-carer-teacher-artist-friend...in this performance of daily life...

For more information: Google “jacki job dancer youtube”

Video Links:

Showreel 2009

Daai zaLady 2017 Showreel

Zeitz Mocaa Excerpt

Two As One short edit


We All Matter - Infecting The City Festival - Cape Town March 2012

Dance In Avenue 

And Then... 2019

Performance images: