Mfundo Tshazibane


BA Theatre & Performance (2006) UCT, MA Theatre & Performance (2012) UCT

 Mfundo Tshazibane is a course coordinator for the performer 1 and the isiXhosa bilingual acting course leader. The isiXhosa bilingual acting and voice courses offer students a platform use their home language on stage as part of the 2 acting streams offered by the Drama Department. He has directed classics such as Buzani Kubawo (2007), Crepuscule (2010), Isisila sehobe (2014), Inkosazana (2011), Mbengu-Sonyangaza ndakwenz’intwembi (2012), #BuyisaniAmantombazanaEthu (2014), all with students.

Tshazibane is well-travelled actor and has participated in a few theatre schools Festivals around the world. He played Wellington in Mrs Kaplan and the Witchdoctor for the Setkani Encounter in Brno, Czech Republic in 2006. There the director of the festival awarded him for fusing storytelling tradition with modern theatrical expression and completed their tour to Romania.

He assisted the director in Reach (2007) that went to the Theatreformen Festival in Hannover, Germany. He then went to the 2010 Unesco Theatre Schools Festival in Lima, Peru acting in Eugene Unesco’s the letter. Tshazibane also directed intsomi adaptation for the National School of Drama’s Bharat Rang Mahotsav in New Delhi, India 2012.

Tshazibane toured with Karoo Moose to national spaces like the Aardklop Festival, Market Theatre, State Theatre, The Baxter Theatre, Oude Libetas and abroad at the Tricycle Theatre in London.

He performed at the Grahamstown Festival 2013 before going to the Edinburg Festival with Magnet Theatre’s Voices Made Night in 2013.

Tshazibane's latest performance was in The Heart of Redness by Zakes Mda with Magnet Theatre in August 2015 at The Fugard 

Tshazibane participated at the Afta Conference in Accra, Ghana in 2014. His paper from that conference has been accepted by the SATJ for publication.