Zukunftsphilologie Winter Academy: World scripts

07 Sep 2015
07 Sep 2015

World Scripts: Concepts and Practices of Writing from a Comparative Perspective

4 – 14 September 2015, University of Cape Town

The Winter Academy is conceptualized and steered by members of the Zukunftsphilologie Collegium. It builds on two previous Zukunftsphilologie Winter Schools: Textual Practices Beyond Europe, 1500-1900 (Cairo, 2010), and Philologies Across the Asias: The Translation, Transmission and Transformation of Knowledge in the Early Modern World (Delhi, 2012).

This Winter Academy will explore, from a comparative and global perspective, the vocabularies and typologies of writing in various philological traditions and the role of script as a technology in the production, diffusion, archiving and exchange of knowledge. Hosted at the University of Cape Town, the Winter Academy will focus on the experience of writing and the technologies of script on the African continent, and will especially explore comparative cases and entangled histories that connect Africa to the Arabophone world, the Mediterranean region and through the Indian Ocean to South and Southeast Asia.

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