ReTAGS Speaker Series Act 4 - Prof. Christina Wald

19 Apr 2022
19 Apr 2022

Act 4 in our Speaker Series 'ANTIGONE: Requiem, Ruin, Revenant' welcomes Prof. Christina Wald.

Wald will compare Magnet Theatre’s 'Antigone (not quite/quiet)' to a rewriting of Sophocles’ tragedy by the Austrian playwright Thomas Köck, 'antigone. a requiem', that premiered in the same month. Both productions can be described as post-dramatic reassemblages of the Antigone material, both link theatre and theory, both use the chorus as a central creative device and employ a strongly rhythmic language. The different adaptation principles of the plays concern their aesthetic as well as political affordances: Köck’s title calls his version of Antigone a requiem and a recomposition, while director Mark Fleishman describes the production principle of the collaboratively written and choreographed Antigone (not quite/quiet) as ‘ruinous’. The politics of the dead are at the centre of both plays and closely connected to their respective colonial histories and postcolonial challenges.

**Please note that the session will be recorded and published online on our ReTAGS showcase repository.**

April 28, 2022 12:00 PM 

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