Giuliette Price, the captivating singer and songwriter from Cape Town, has been leaving an indelible mark on the music scene ever since her relocation from Johannesburg in 2021. Rooted in her jazz training, Giuliette's music weaves together her soulful vocals with intricate rhythms, creating an enchanting auditory experience. And now, marking a significant milestone in her career, Giuliette is set to take centre stage with her original project at The Baxter Theatre. Promising an evening dedicated to celebrating the rich tapestry of jazz music, this show is poised to be a captivating fusion of Giuliette's unique artistry and the timeless allure of jazz. The sextet includes: Giuliette Price  & Marzia Barry (vocals), Khaya Mthembu-Salter (guitar), Adam Powell (piano), Nic Ford (bass) and Matthew Keswell (drums).