Emeritus Professor Gavin Younge

Emeritus Professor

International Exhibition
(presented by Art Salé) Contact - www.art-s.fr:

Gavin Younge + Phillipe Jacq

15, Boulevard du Jeu de paume, Montpellier, France

9 Sept - 28 Oct 2017

Regional group exhibition:

Mute Wisdom. Art@Almenkerk. Curated by Gordon Froud. Feb-June 2017.


Kim Miller, Brenda Schmahmann (Eds.). 2017. Public Art in South Africa: Bronze Warriors and Plastic Presidents. Bloomington: Indiana University Press. 324 folios. ISBN 978-0-253-02992-8.

Authors include Leora Farber, Shannen Hill, Kim Miller, Elisabeth Rankin, Brenda Schmahmann, Liese van der Watt, and Gavin Younge.

My chapter: 'The Mirror and the Square-Old Ideological Conflicts in Motion: Church Square Slavery Memorial', pp. 53 -70.


Gavin Younge. 2017. 'Dead Monuments: The Case of the Red Location Museum in Mandela Bay Metro, South Africa'. The International Journal of the Constructed Environment, Volume 8. Issue 3, pp 1-14. ISSN: 2154-8587 (Print), ISSN 2154-8595 (Online).