Calls for proposals for exhibitions and projects

The Michaelis Gallery has a long held history of open exhibitions and ‘hosted’ exhibitions by young people and students alongside high-quality professional academics and artists.

The production and reception of art is increasingly discursive and the academic environment at Michaelis allows for the analytical staging of art exhibitions that pay close attention to the interaction between artworks and paracuratorial formats that exist within the expanded field of discursive art: like the interdisciplinary research project; artistic research; pedagogical activities. The galleries approach in content conceptalisation has a user-generated direction through involving peers and collaborators in the co-production of exhibitions that offer multi-layered experiences through the physical gallery space, and offsite spaces. This allows the use of the facilities by other cultural organisations, which offer opportunities for exchanges and broadcasts about the Galleries programmes to the general public.

We accept proposals on a rolling basis and they will be reviewed by the gallery committee which meets 4 times a year, once a term to look at the proposals.

Please find the Michaelis Galleries Exhibition Proposal Form below

Michaelis Galleries_Exhibition Proposal Form