The latest news from Michalis School of Fine Art.

Silent Auction 2023

The 2023 graduating class of Michaelis School of Fine Art UCT are pleased to announce that they will be hosting the annual Silent Auction fundraiser, 13-15 September on bidPro – an online auction platform. 


The Photography section at the Michaelis School of Fine Art is pleased to announce the 2023 recipient of the Tierney Fellowship, Vanessa Cowling.

Guest lecture: Panya Routes by Kim Gurney

In this public talk, Dr Kim Gurney will share the innovative working principles that independent art spaces in some fast-changing cities in Africa have in common as they navigate conditions of uncertainty and accelerated flux.

Postgraduate study at Michaelis in 2024

For those of you that are interested in postgraduate study at the Michaelis School of Fine Art in 2024, please note that the closing date is 30 September for international applicants and 31 October 2023 for South African applicants. 

Event Horizon II

'Event Horizon II’, Kamil Hassim's latest exhibition with — defunct context. In this exhibition, Kamil takes us on a journey through the mysteries of black holes and the cosmic principles that govern our universe.

Pandemic | Praxis | Pedagogy

Pandemic | Praxis | Pedagogy is a Michaelis School of Fine Art staff exhibition in preparation for a special edition journal issue for 2023/4 reflecting on the years 2020-2022 (Covid-19 pandemic). 

Fritha Langerman opens exhibition in Stellenbosch

Associate Professor Fritha Langerman at Michaelis opened her recent exhibition on Saturday 5 May in Stellenbosch at the GUS art gallery. A number of staff and students attended along with members of the public.

Print Co-Lab opens on 10 May 2023

Lithography and screen-printing take central stage in print co_lab, an exhibition at the Michaelis Galleries that opens on 10 May.

Berni Searle retrospective at the Norval Foundation

The Michaelis School of Fine Art warmly congratulates our colleague, Professor Berni Searle, on the opening of Having but little Gold at the Norval Foundation. Having but little Gold is a retrospective exhibition of Searle's work spanning 2