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Livia Schneider's work beckons the viewer to return to the ancient wisdom of nature and the occult. While painting is her main focal point, her work takes the form of various multidisciplinary formats. Schneider's work aims to identify the divine feminine powers all around us, with a focus on alternative spiritual practice and natural healing. Her recent stylistic endeavours are mirror images in digital and paint format, bringing forth a sense of taming the chaotic patterns and energies found in nature by giving it the order of organic symmetry. This stylistic approach is inspired by the psychological studies done on the Rorschach inkblot test and the phenomenon of free association when looking at organic shapes. Schneider’'s work is intuitive and sensual, with a conceptual focus on the psychology and emotional catharsis we achieve through art. Her work aims to acknowledge the ancient wisdom of nature and indigenous knowledge gleaned from her experience of living and growing up in Africa.

In her own words:

"Magic to me, is finding wonder in the mundane.

By exploring that which we usually suppress or disavow due to negatively othering or demonising that which we do not understand, we can uncover the many mysteries that lie within esoteric knowledge.

Much of my life seems like a dance between dualities in all shapes and forms. My creative vocation is finding the connection between two seemingly disparate worlds and detailing the similarities found in my artistic expressions. I am the result of cultural hybridity, a western looking millennial female with deep roots in Africa, the wonderful and magic environment I have called my home since birth.  Originating from the Namibian desert, my Wanderlust is calling me to the European forests to discover how these two worlds will collide, with my art as the documentation of the focal point of that dichotomy of worlds.

So often we fear the unknown, fear the darkness. But the darkness is our place of origin, and the place to which we will return. While painting is my main medium, my art takes on various multidisciplinary forms, such as videography, dance and movement performances and installation. My work focuses on the healing energies found in nature and the wild divine feminine, with a touch of darkness. By engaging in occult knowledge and practices intertwined into my artistic modus operandi, I wish to demystify the demonisation of the archetype of the Witch and the Wild woman. I hope to awaken the Wild seed which all civilised human beings have lying dormant within themselves."


Instagram : @livia_von_namibia