Meg Mills

Artist Catalogue

Virtual Exhibition


A spectrum of the senses

This installation explores the presence of the sublime in both spirituality and modernity, with an emphasis on how this intersection can reevaluate our relationship with ourselves, as well as potentially foster human connection. I will delve into the complex history surrounding the origins of the ‘sublime’, as well as discuss what it means in my practice, and how these ideas may relate to the viewer or elicit certain responses. I want to create a liminal space, through light, colour, sound and interactions, where people can leave behind the postmodern world and delve deeper into their connection with spirit, however, that may manifest. These feelings emulate what I experience in and around music festival culture. The visual sublime helps us get into these states of mind and how the sublime is not only difficult to grasp in its meaning but is also increasingly fading away, as it is not something we typically see daily.

The arch, as seen in the installation, acts as a gateway or portal into another state of mind. It captures the feeling I get when entering visually curated musical spaces. Surrounded by an awe-inspiring sublime space, one can step out of their worries of the postmodern world and allow oneself into a posthumanism frame of mind. Perhaps this is the reason why many enjoy the club, music, and festival scene. This arch was built for a non-profit festival that a group of friends and I hosted this year (2023), and it received great feedback from the festival attendees. It stood over the DJ, framing the massive cave wall behind it. It had an all-encompassing power over the dance floor.

I have curated different audio artists that I have found bring patterns of deep thought cycles and meditative states. This audio being played has been manipulated to be highly bass-heavy. My thoughts on why humans love bass so much have to do with our instincts. Profound, low-frequency sounds emanate from large creatures, often predators, as well as natural phenomena like earthquakes, fires, landslides, and thunderstorms. These formidable sounds signify the presence of something larger and potentially more formidable than oneself. They evoke a genuine sense of awe, resonating with the sublime, and triggering a response deeply rooted in our biology and history. When speaking with my peers, others said it may have to do with the first sounds we ever heard; our mother’s heartbeat.  Bass occupies a unique region of the audio spectrum as it is not just heard but also felt.

Through the orchestrated interplay of light, colour, sound, and interactive elements, I aspire to create a liminal realm where individuals can temporarily transcend the confines of the postmodern world. This immersive encounter encourages a deeper introspection into one’s connection with the spiritual, allowing for diverse interpretations. I contend that the visual sublime acts as a gateway to altered states of consciousness, yet it remains a concept elusive and gradually receding from our daily experiences. This installation thus stands as an invitation to re-engage with the sublime, offering a unique opportunity to reevaluate our relationship with ourselves and delve deeper into their connection with spirit, however, that may manifest.