Talya Stein

Artist Catalogue

Virtual Exhibition

My work explores ideas of control, looking at the ever-changing world around us and drawing from the small acts of order and control we have on our individual spaces – on an individual and personal level my work draws from an unsettling feeling of anxiety towards the changes and external realities that are out of my control, the inevitable ends and unpredictable beginnings that leave me with a deep anxiety and restlessness, as well as the significance of my ADHD in a day-to-day environment which causes this same restlessness.

I reference the mountain and nature in my work as a space of calming relief in its existence as a space that feels constant and peaceful. My work speaks to this idea of the constant versus change, looking at the rocks and patterns that form on these rocks that speak to time and erosion and these slow changes that create these beautiful marks and patterns and grooves. This idea of time holds the power of change and growth and deterioration and erosion and age, the work speaks to time in relation to control and order and change.

The work looks at the levels in which things exist and change, relating emotional experience to natural process. I relate this notion of levels on which things exist and happen to my thoughts and experiences while also allowing room to expand these thoughts outwardly, relating my personal experiences to the natural world around me and taking the beauty that exists in nature, the patterns and markings of rocks that inspire me, and allowing them to stand as evidence of time, erosion and weathering and the change these processes bring and the beauty that exists in that change.