Michaelis Galleries presents Asymmetries, an exhibition by Nduka Mntambo. Asymmetries is a multi-channel installation consisting of images projected onto mobile sculptures designed in the motif of the icosahedron suspended on beams. The mobile screens offer various registers of contemporary urban beings and their objects. Asymmetries demands a different conception of the relationship between the screen, image and the viewer. The assemblage of images that are offered from the various cities demands framing; reframing; deframing that defies a totalizing whole. Instead, the experience evokes tentative, fragmentary and constantly moving-evolving ideas that at times move together, move against each other and on occasion allow for coalescence. Nduka Mntambo is an image-maker working/playing in the interstices of urban spatial practices, experimental filmmaking and pedagogy. He is a PhD candidate and the Head of the Film and Television programme at the Wits School of Arts (WSOA).