Towards an Archive of Freedom: Why Now?
A symposium hosted by The Centre for Curating the Archive, UCT


28 October 2015

The Centre for African Studies Gallery, Upper Campus, UCT

17h00 . 17h30 Keynote address: ‘Archiving Resistance: School Photos in Nazi-occupied Europe’ by Professor Leo Spitzer, Dartmouth College

18h00 . 19h30 Exhibition opening: ’Returned to Harfield’ by David Brown


29th October 2015

Hiddingh Hall, Michaelis School of Fine Art, 31 Orange Street, Cape Town

09h00 . 09h10 Introduction and welcome: Dr Siona O’Connell (UCT)

09h10 . 09h55 Keynote address by Professor Marianne Hirsch (Columbia)

09h55 . 10h15 Movie Snaps (documentary) Dr Siona O’Connell (UCT)

10h15 . 10h35 Candice Jansen (Wits)

10h35 . 11h00 Discussion lead by Ruth Sack

11h00 . 11h15 TEA/COFFEE BREAK

11h15 . 12h05 Kurt Campbell (UCT)

12h05 . 12h35 Professor Jonathan Highfield (RISD)

12h35 . 13h00 Discussion lead by Dr Roderick Sauls

13h00 . 13h45 LUNCH

13h45 . 14h05 Stephen Symons (UCT)

14h05 . 14h25 Svea Josephy (UCT)

14h25 . 14h45 Professor Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (UCT)

14h40 . 15h00 Professor Pippa Skotnes (UCT)

15h00 . 15h15 TEA/COFFEE BREAK

15h00 . 15h45 Closing Keynote address by Professor Anthony Bogues (Brown)


Premiere of An Impossible Return and The Wynberg 7