Congratulations on selecting UCT Faculty of Humanities! Did you know that we are the premier Humanities faculty in Southern Africa?

  1. Humanities is the largest Faculty at UCT with over 7000 students and 17 academic departments
  2. We offer students a diverse range of academic programmes designed to stimulate and engage
  3. Humanities is the most popular destination for international students visiting UCT and we are host to a vibrant community of Semester Study Abroad students each year. This means that Humanities students are exposed to a rich diversity of culture and global perspectives.
  4. Humanities offers students over 35 academic majors. This means greater choice in tailoring your academic experience
  5. We produce graduates who possess insight, imagination, skills of analysis and critical argumentation.

Interested in applying to Humanities?

Visit the UCT self-service site and, using your unique application number, monitor changes in your application status. You may have questions regarding admission into the Faculty of Humanities. Please consult our online Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) pages located under the Apply tab on this website.  In addition, we have compiled guide books to help you navigate the admission process, as well as the various academic options on offer.  Please take a few minutes to read the following Humanities Guides:

You can also visit our Undergraduate and Postgraduate Offices located in the Beattie Building, on Upper Campus at the University of Cape Town.

Undergraduate applications:

View our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on the Faculty of Humanities undergraduate admissions processes.To be considered for admission to Undergraduate study, applicants normally resident in South Africa are required to:

  1. Possess a matriculation exemption (Senior Certificate) or a NSC endorsed for degree studies (NSC); or for a Diploma, a school leaving certificate) or NSC endorsed for diploma studies.
  2. Write the NBT Academic and Quantitative Literacy Test(AQL), click here for more details. Note that NBT tests are not required for the 2021 intake.

Matriculants applying to Humanities must submit at least two sets of interim school results, which may include your Grade 11 final results and Grade 12, April, June or September school results.

Postgraduate applications:

For applicants who wish to be considered for admission to a postgraduate programme in the Humanities, the following document describes the various application, registration and examination processes and procedures.

What happens when I apply for postgraduate study in the Humanities?:

  • Similar to the Undergraduate application process, after completing your online application, UCT Admissions Office will inform you via email that your application has been received and request accompanying documents. Please note that your application cannot be considered if you do not supply your latest academic transcripts (even if you are still completing your studies).
  • Please note that applications for the academic year close on 31 October in the preceding year.
  • If you decide to change your degree choice after your application has been submitted, you should contact Central Admissions to update your choice (not the Faculty office). UCT Admissions Office uploads your details onto the computer database.
  • If your first choice of degree is in the Faculty of Humanities, the Humanities admin staff will look at what programme you are applying for and forward your application to the relevant department for consideration.
  • Once the department notifies the Faculty's Postgraduate Office of their decision, you will be sent a letter informing you whether you have been offered a place, a conditional place, if your application has been refused, or if you are on a waiting list.
  • You can monitor the progress of your application online.
  • While you can apply for a residence place or financial aid inyour online application, the Faculty of Humanities does not deal with these applications. You will have to contact either UCT Student Housing or the UCT Student Financial Aid Office directly if you have any queries in this regard.