"SURGIMENTO" a work by graduating choreography students

04 Oct 2023 | By Rob Keith
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04 Oct 2023 | By Rob Keith
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“Surgimento” is a Portuguese word meaning Emergence. “The emergence of something is the process or event of its coming into existence”. This work is a celebration of choreographers using their own stories to create a multiversal experience whereby separate worlds crossover and formulates a nexus event (an aftermath of worlds crossing over).

Nexus is a collaborative company of choreographers who come together to create theatre performances through the medium of dance, using their individual narratives of what it means to speak through the body.

The company was recently initiated by the UCT third year graduating students, who will be embarking on a new creative journey outside the university life. Nexus consists of 5 individuals namely: Menushca Goliath, Tyra Abrahams, Saint Peter De La Fontaine, Bilquees Alexander, and Amanda Guma.

Nexus was birthed through finding the meaning of what emergence meant to us. We chose “Surgimento”(emergence) to symbolise who we are, what we are about, what we took from this institution and what we are leaving behind. It encapsulates our journey of self-expression and growth through building a creative legacy in dance.

13 October 2023 @ 19h00

14 October 2023 @ 14h00

CTDPS Little TheatreUCT Hiddigh Campus,

Bookings: www.quicket.co.za

Music used during the performance:

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