Over the Horizon by Jean Brundrit

03 Jun 2021
03 Jun 2021

Over the Horizon is Jean Brundrits’ latest solo exhibition which opened at the AVA on 2 June 2021. This work is the result of Jean Brundrits’ sabbatical in 2019 during which she experimented with making and photographing through ice lenses. This culminated in a six-week voyage to Antarctica to experience and image the ice shelf.

Leaving Cape Town in December 2019 Jean, one of two artists travelled on the research vessel SA Agulhas 2, with scientists, engineers, helicopter crew and sailors to the ice shelf. On the journey she photographed the sea, icebergs, the continental ice shelf and sea ice, processing her film in her cabin, and continuing to fashion ice lenses in the research ship’ laboratory.

The images of Antarctica are an impressionistic play of light and colour, with little form. Blues, greys and whites dominate the fields of colour, so that the photographs are almost abstractions of the space. The images, with little form to hold onto, give one the impression of something majestic and magnificent, but also something ungraspable, something that is melting and slipping away. It is here that the deep concerns of the project lie, in environmental concerns about rapid climate change, and the changes in sea ice and the continental ice shelf that have been observed in recent years.

The exhibition runs from 02.06.21 - 08.07.21