Amukelani Shihangule is a finalist in Blurring the Lines 2022

09 Nov 2022
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09 Nov 2022

Fourth year student Amukelani Shihangule is a finalist in the Blurring the Lines competition and their work will be published in the catalogue and will be included in the activities of the educational program throughout the year. This is the third finalist selected from Michaelis, following Thero Makepe in 2019 and Gemma Carosin in 2021. Amukelani’s work was chosen from 174 projects from 44 participating schools worldwide. The curators selected 3 winners, 30 finalists for the seventh edition of Blurring the Lines.The selection was made by the winners of the 2021 edition, Blurring the Lines board members, and guest curator Sarker Protik. The theme this year was “The Meaning in the Making.

Lisanne van happen, Board member and curator at FOTODOK said of the applications:

''I feel privileged to see many fantastic graduation projects from upcoming photographers worldwide. This year a lot of the work was very critical of power structures in society and showed us how institutions and political choices influence the day-to-day life of people. These photographers show us how to visualize what is invisible but sensible in society. This edition of Blurring the Lines graduates is a must-see for everyone working with or interested in the medium of photography and for those who feel connected to the world we live in.'' 

The winners and the finalists were Olivia Morris Andersen, Katia Motylova, and Abriansyah Liberto. Stijn Terpstra, Eden Zornitser, Lisa Mazenauer, Charlotte Helwig, Joeri Boelhouwer, Remco de Vries, Benedetta Stefani, Hilda Nikita Yusman, Seppe Vancraywinkel, Saskia Kahn, Anna Bányász, Kush Kukreja, Trissan, Abdul Razzak Jauhar, Tanjimul Islam, Ramil Gilvanov, Jaka Tersek, María del Socorro Bairés, Mahboube Karamli, Denis Zezyukin, Ksenia Inverse, Cristián Arriagada Seguel, Manuel Alejandro Beltrán Zorro, Paula Bedoya, Jeremy Wilson, Amukelani Shihangule, Ross Gardner, Ilayda Akarca Grant, Katie Wait, and Sophia-Talya Transky.

This project is made possible by the support of FOTODK, Urbanautica, the European Cultural Centre and the Paris College of Art.  The 2022 catalogue will be launched during the 4th International Conference on Photography and Education at Palazzo Michiel, European Cultural Centre in Venice, on November 19, 2022. Previous catalogues are available in the Hiddingh Hall library. The 2022 catalogue containing Amukelani’s work has been ordered for the library.