A Conversation between Michaelis and WITS Masters 2013

Following a successful tradition of exchange and collaboration, Michaelis Galleries are proud to host HereThere A Conversation between Michaelis and Wits Masters 2013.

Originally held as separate, reciprocal shows, HereThere is the first exhibition in which Masters students from the Michaelis School of Fine Art and the Division of Visual Arts at the Wits School of Arts will present their work together, in one group exhibition.

The title, HereThere, draws not only on this coming together, but also on the transitional and fluid nature of the exhibition and the work on display. Each piece selected forms part of a much larger Master’s project, still in progress and under construction.

Amongst the fifteen individual’s works, there is a broad engagement with multiple mediums of painting, sculpture, site-specific installation, photography, video and performance. The work is as diverse and varying in focus and approach, as it is in mediums. There is no prescriptive curatorial drive framing the works according to one particular theme. Rather, it is the attempt to encourage conversation which serves as the entry point to the exhibition, allowing the individual pieces to speak more directly to and between each other, and the audience. The links and differences between the works are negotiated and explored, teased out further.

HereThere reflects on and facilitates artistic research and production, aiming to strengthen interaction and cooperation. The exhibition is accompanied by the publication of a collaborative catalogue, with further information about the work of each artist and the exhibition as a whole.

The exhibition includes work by Niall Bingham, Alta Botha, Diana Cilliers, Nadine Froneman, Alice Gauntlett, Madeline Groenewald, Gina Kraft, Kristine Kronje, Lawrence Lemaoana, Talya Lubinsky, Naadira Patel, Jeannette Unite, Jo Voysey, Ashley Walters and Danielle Wepener. Curated by Josephine Higgins with the assistance of Naadira Patel.


PUBLIC WALKABOUT WITH THE ARTISTS: WEDNESDAY 17 JULY 2013 from 11:00 (Free of charge and no booking required, light refreshments will be served)


For Further Information, please contact Josephine Higgins, Tel (021) 480 7170 or josephinemhiggins@gmail.com

UCT Hiddingh Campus, 31 – 37 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town