Faculty Scholarships:

The University has a number of scholarships for those who do well in the end of year examinations at university. These are awarded at the Faculty's discretion, in December each year and they vary in value and length of tenure. You do not need to apply for these.

Only returning students are eligible for the Faculty Scholarship.

The current value of the Faculty Scholarship Award is R20 000. For more information on scholarships, please contact the Humanities Faculty Office.


Class Medals:

Class Medals are awarded by departments to top-performing students in the academic classes. A list of Class Medal recipients is published each year, once it has been approved by the Faculty Examinations Committee. Please consult Section F15.1 - 15.5 of the Humanities Undergraduate Handbook for more information.


Dean's Merit List:

The Dean's Merit List is an award given in recognition of consistent academic excellence. Nominations for the Dean's Merit List (DML) are based on above-average academic performance and take into consideration individual programme load as well as the total duration of the degree. Students who qualify for inclusion in the list receive a letter of commendation from the Dean of the Faculty. Please consult the Section F16 of the Humanities Undergraduate Handbook for more information.

Fewer than 20% of the undergraduates in this Faculty were placed on the 2019 merit list.


Fee Waiver for Enriched Curriculum:

A Fee Waiver can be granted to top-achieving undergraduate students. In order to qualify, you must complete the Senate Fee Waiver for Enriched Curriculum (ACA07) form. This form must be returned to the Faculty Office by the Friday of the first week of semester. Please consult the Faculty Office for the specific rules and procedures associated with this fee waiver.

Only Undergraduate students are eligible for the Fee Waiver for Enriched Curriculum.