Student fees are calculated per course for which you are registered. Detailed information on fee structures, policies, payment options and deadlines may be found on the Fees web page and the Fees Handbook.


Financial support:

At the University of Cape Town, the Student Financial Aid Office administers bursaries, scholarships and loans for undergraduate students. In submitting your UCT Application, you can simultaneously apply for Financial Aid. The Student Financial Aid Office provides applicants with information to other sources of funding as well as guidance on how to apply for the various types of financial support.


Financial Aid


The National Student Financial Aid Scheme (NSFAS) makes available financial support to South African (or permanent residents) students entering their first undergraduate qualification. NSFAS is introducing a Central Application System which will impact on our financial assistance policy.

The University of Cape Town is committed to providing a broad based financial assistance programme. The University aims to assist applicants who apply on time and qualify for Financial Aid. Information on eligibility can be obtained from the Undergraduate Financial Aid page.

Entrance Scholarships

Faculty Entrance Scholarships are awarded on the basis of the school leaving examination and/or NBT results. Deans may offer scholarships to applicants writing school leaving examinations other than the National Senior Certificate. Faculty Entrance Scholarships in the redress category take into account the consequences of discrimination based on disadvantage. The University uses the applicant's indication of parental classification under apartheid in considering eligibility for redress entrance scholarship awards. Detailed information can be obtained from the Undergraduate Financial Aid page.

Faculty Scholarships

Faculty Scholarships are awarded to returning students on the basis of academic achievement; there are open and redress Faculty Scholarships.


For those interested in the Bachelor of Social Work programme, the National Government's UCT Department of Social Development provides bursaries to support training and entrance into this profession.

In addition, various bursaries are available to UCT students. Please consult the UCT Bursaries noticeboard.


Additional information on scholarships and bursaries can be obtained from the UCT website:  Undergraduate Financial Aid page.