Hide and Seek: Objects in Purgatory

01 Oct 2023
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Hide and Seek: Objects in Purgatory. Iziko South African Museum. 2023.

01 Oct 2023

2023 Fellows from the Honours in Curatorship Programme,  Aaliya Dramat, Filipa dos Santos, Lara Hanger, Vida Madighi Oghu, Miracle May, Aiden Nel, Erin Sweeney and Ruby Wilson in partnership with Iziko Museums of South Africa, launched their curated exhibition, Hide and Seek: Objects in Purgatory, at the Iziko South African Museum on 2 September. With an emphasis on absence, labour, care and repatriation, the exhibition explored the nature of engaging with and acknowledging artefacts held in the Iziko Social History Resource Centre that can currently not be displayed.

object display