Publication Type: Journal article
Year: 2022
Author(s): Yulia Shenderovicha, Hlengiwe Sacolo-Gwebu, Zuyi Fangc, Jamie Lachman, Lucie Cluver and Catherine Ward
Unit: SaVI
Journal: Global Public Health

Abstract: "We explore how organisations working on parenting programmes and other types of family support and violence prevention in low-resource settings experienced the pandemic. In August 2020–May 2021, we interviewed (1) staff from three community-based organisations delivering evidence-informed parenting interventions and other psychosocial services for families in Cape Town, South Africa, (2) staff from a parenting programme training organisation and (3) staff from two international organisations supporting psychosocial services in South Africa. Interviews (22) were thematically analysed, with findings in three areas. First, respondents noted changes in the context, including the job losses, food insecurity, and stress experienced by local communities, and reductions in organisational funding. Second, we found that in response to these context changes, the organisations shifted their focus to food provision and COVID prevention. Parenting and psychosocial programmes were adapted – e.g. by changing the physical delivery settings, reducing group sizes, and taking up digital and phone implementation. Participants reported improved perceptions of remote delivery as a feasible approach for working with families – but internet and phone access remained challenging. Third, the pandemic brought new responsibilities for staff, and both the challenges of working from home and the health risks of in-person work."

Citation:  Shenderovich, Y., Sacolo-Gwebu, H., Fang, Z., Lachman, J., Cluver, L. & Ward, C.L.  (2022).  Adaptations and staff experiences in delivering parenting programmes and other family support services in three community-based organisations in Cape Town, South Africa during the COVID pandemic.  Global Public Health, published online.