The Safety and Violence Initiative (SaVI) facilitates debate, research and interventions with a focus on understanding, preventing and responding to violence against children and youth violence, and promoting safety. 

 Our Vision

To work towards safe communities and countries, where freedom and security are the norm, rather than the exception. 

Our Values

  • Enabling researchers to engage and cooperate across disciplinary boundaries;

  • Facilitating socially responsive research;

  • Building a “critical mass” of researchers focusing on violence prevention and safety promotion;

  • Making wider and more efficient use of existing research resources on safety and violence;

  • Developing research capacity in the study of safety and violence;

  • Participating in relevant national and international networks, including links with civil society and the public sector;

  • Facilitating the dissemination of research.

  Our Research 

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The Global Parenting Initiative (GPI) is a collaboration of universities, foundations, and implementing partners, with the aim of providing access to free, evidence-based, playful parenting support to every parent, everywhere, so that they are equipped with the knowledge and tools to help their children realise their learning potential and to prevent child sexual abuse, exploitation, and family violence. Building on the Parenting for Lifelong Health suite, which have been shown to be effective at improving child and family outcomes, the GPI involves the rapid development and evaluation of open-source, playful parenting programmes delivered through digital and hybrid human-digital platforms. These innovations, co-developed with children and families in Africa and Asia, involve families receiving remote parenting programmes through online chat groups (ParentChat), automated text messages (ParentText), app-based support (ParentApp), and multimedia – all adaptable to be integrated with in-person programmes. Visit to learn more. 


 Our Researchers

Our diverse team has a shared passion for what we do. Our expertise covers a wide range of disciplines. `

Unit Director: Dr. Catherine L. Ward

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