Maggie Marx

Communications Specialist, Safety and Violence Initiative

Research Project(s)

  • Global Parenting Initiative 

Research Interests

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Research uptake
  • Research communication


Maggie Marx (she/her) is a communications specialist and currently holds the position of Communications Director for the Global Parenting Initiative (GPI). The GPI is a multi-country collaborative research project and is part of the Safety and Violence Initiative at the Centre for Social Science Research.

Maggie Marx earned her stripes as a writer and copy editor for a large variety of South African titles and eCommerce platforms after which she took up the helm as research uptake and communications coordinator for the international research consortium. Maggie joined UCT as a research uptake officer in 2015 for the Alan J Flisher Centre for Public Mental Health and worked primarily on the Programme for Improving Mental Health (PRIME) research consortium. She honed her skills as a research uptake facilitator and communication specialist in this role.  She has also previously worked as the communications coordinator and research uptake officer for ASSET – a National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Global Health Research Unit on Health System Strengthening in Sub-Saharan Africa. After the PRIME project funding ended, Maggie moved on to the UCT research office where she led internal and eResearch Communication for the department.  

She’s passionate about using her skills to address South African inequality, especially those that affect mothers. Maggie Marx holds an MPhil in Science and Technology from Stellenbosch University’s Centre for Research on Evaluation, Science and Technology (CREST). Her expertise includes external and internal communication, media liaison, science and research communications, communication capacity building and stakeholder analysis.

Recent Publications: 

Breuer, E., Hanlon, C., Bhana, A., Chisholm, D., De Silva, M., Fekadu, A., ... Marx, M., ...& Lund, C. (2019). Partnerships in a global mental health research programme—the example of PRIME. Global Social Welfare6, 159-175.

Seward, N., Hanlon, C., Abdella, A., Abrahams, Z., Alem, A., Araya, R., ... Marx, M.,... & Prince, M. (2022). HeAlth System StrEngThening in four sub-Saharan African countries (ASSET) to achieve high-quality, evidence-informed surgical, maternal and newborn, and primary care: protocol for pre-implementation phase studies. Global health action15(1), 1987044.

Marx, Maggie. (2019). "PRIME Maternal Mental Health Report."