Muya Nzo’ola John Koloko

Research Officer, Safety and Violence Initiative

Research Project(s)

  • Principal Investigator for 'Children’s Responses to Video Game Violence' Study

Research Interests

  • Video games
  • Violence
  • Sport for people with disabilities (para-sports)


Muya Koloko is a dedicated academic and Research Officer for the Safety and Violence Initiative at the Centre for Social Science Research. Their PhD research is a satellite study based at SaVI exploring children’s understanding of violence in video games. Muya Koloko’s academic career has been based at the University of Cape Town; they hold a B.Sco.Sci in Psychology and Law, a B.Sco.Sci (Honours) in Psychology, an MA in Research and Experimental Psychology, and are currently completing their PhD in Media Studies and Psychology. They are also an undergraduate Lecturer in the Department of Psychology at UCT, as well as an Education Development Unit Teaching Assistant based in Psychology. His PhD research focuses on children’s responses to video game violence. Muya Koloko has a strong passion to empower people with disabilities in sports and is a founding member of UCT’s ParaSports Club.

 Muya Koloko CV

Recent Publications 

  • Palitt, N., Venter, A., & Koloko, M. (2019) Whose “game culture” is it anyway: Exploring children’s gameplay across Cape Town. In P. Penix-Tadsen (Ed), Video games and the Global South. Pittsburgh: Carnegie Mellon University ETC Press. 

  • Koloko, M. (2017). Goalball: A fun day for all. In University of Cape Town Varsity Paper (Online Edition), September or-all/ 

  • Koloko, M. (2015). The Top 10 Reasons to do a Martial Art @ UCT. In the University of Cape Town Varsity Paper Volume 74 Edition 6, May.