Noreen Kudzanai Wini-Dari

Research Officer, Safety and Violence Initiative

Research Project(s)

  • Global Parenting Initiative
  • Satellite Study: Adaptation of the Parenting for Lifelong Health for Young Children for Schools in Zimbabwe

Research Interests

  • Violence Prevention
  • Parenting
  • Community mental health


Noreen Kudzanai Wini-Dari is a Research Officer for the Safety and Violence Initiative at the Centre for Social Science Research and a PhD Candidate in the Department of Psychology at the University of Cape Town . As part of their PhD research they are conducting a satellite study for the Global Parenting Initiative based at SaVI, acting as the Co-Investigator for the Adaptation of the Parenting for Lifelong Health for Young Children for Schools in Zimbabwe. They are a Registered Psychologist practicing in Zimbabwe. Noreen Kudzanai Wini-Dari has a special interest in parent training programmes for parents of younger children to help promote healthy childhoods.

Recent Publications 

  • Wini Dari, N. K., Mawodza, O., Mingo, E., & Olson, B. D. (2018). Empowerment and Accountability and Multi‐layered Contexts of Influences: Parenting and the Avoidance of Harm in Harare, Zimbabwe. Australian and New Zealand journal of family therapy39(3), 380-393.

  • Wini Dari, N. K. (2017). Risk Factors for Substance Abuse Among Harare Northern Central District High School Adolescents. [DISSERTATION] Midlands State University.

  • Wini-Dari, N. K., & Hamauswa, S. (2016). Fighting corruption in Zimbabwe: Making a case for community psychology towards the realisation of ZimAsset. Journal of Studies in Social Sciences and Humanities2(4), 152-160.