The Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa (IDCPPA) and the Centre for Social Sciences Research at the University of Cape Town invites you to join us for a lunchtime seminar on 15 August 2023 presented by Prof. Francesca Little and Heiletjé van Zyl at 12:45pm. 

About the Seminar:

Analysis of SUPER data from implementation of
parenting intervention in multiple countries with
specific focus on the assessment of the impact on
harsh discipline practices.


The wide dissemination of the Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) programmes for young children and adolescents following a series of research studies provides an unprecedented opportunity to provide evidence on parenting at scale. The Scale-Up of Parenting Evaluation Research (SUPER) study was a multi-method study drawing on data from the various sites where the programmes were being implemented.

We will present a provisional analysis of the SUPER data from different countries, focusing on how we chose the methods we used and how we combined the country-specific analyses using Individual
Participant Meta Analysis. In additional we will show how we analysed the data from one country that implemented a step-wedge design. We will present provisional results for the outcomes focused on harsh discipline practices.



Heiletjé van Zyl is a final-year Master of Science (MSc) student specializing in Biostatistics at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. She currently also works as a quantitative-lead Research Assistant for the Parenting for Lifelong Health (PLH) Scale-Up of Parenting Evaluation Research (SUPER) Study. She will be co-presenting with Francesca Little who is a Professor in Statistical Sciences at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. She specializes in the statistical analysis of data from the Health and Social Sciences. Her research activities originate from her collaboration with the Health Sciences, predominantly in the areas of TB, HIV and Malaria research,. She is a co-investigator on several NIH-funded projects.


 15 August 2023
 12:45 - 14:00 SAST
  CSSR Seminar Room

Image: Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash