The Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa (IDCPPA) and the Centre for Social Sciences Research at the University of Cape Town invites you to join us for a special seminar on 13 July 2023 presented by Silinganisiwe Dzumbunu and Dr. William Rugard.

About the Seminar:

Household receipt of social assistance and adolescent development in Eswatini: A National analysis using MICS-6 2021/22 survey data

In sub-Saharan Africa, adolescents are the fastest-growing population subgroup. There is growing evidence supporting the role of social protection initiatives for improving adolescent success. These initiatives are usually targeted at the household-level. The aim of our research was to inform how sensitive these existing social protection initiatives are to adolescent needs. For this, we i) investigate the coverage of social transfers by sex, age, and geography; ii) appraise whether existing strategies for targeting social transfers reach vulnerable adolescents; and iii) evaluate associations between receipt of social and multiple adolescent development outcomes across health, education and learning, protection and safety.


Dr. William Rudgard is a senior post-doctoral quantitative researcher at the Department of Social Policy and Intervention, University of Oxford; and honorary research associate at the Centre for Social Science Research, University of Cape Town. His work focuses on identifying ways to support and empower adolescents in sub-Saharan Africa to overcome interconnected adversities. He will be co-presenting with Silinganisiwe Dzumbunu, who is a quantitative early career researcher at the Accelerate Hub and a doctoral student in Demography at the University of Cape Town. Her research investigates the relationship between empowerment and sexual and reproductive health outcomes among African adolescents.

 13 July 2023
 12:45 - 14:00 SAST
  CSSR Seminar Room



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