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Many practitioners and academics are calling for the need to address simultaneously violence against women and violence against children. Parenting programmes are a promising path to transforming families and eradicating violence against both children and women. GPI's impactful work in this space becomes paramount as it sheds light on innovative strategies within parenting programmes, aiming to create environments that protect women and children from violence. 

During the international 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence, the GPI will be hosting a webinar to showcase innovative strategies and tangible outcomes achieved by GPI in the realm of parenting programmes, emphasising their role in preventing and addressing violence both against women and children, spotlighting real-world examples that have contributed to creating safer spaces for women and children globally. 

Join us in this discussion to explore how GPI's initiatives are actively addressing this critical intersection and contributing to a safer, more secure world for vulnerable populations





Natalie Davidson

Researcher and Project Manager at the University of Cape Town

Natalie Davidson is a researcher and project manager in the Centre for Social Science Research Safety and Violence Initiative at the University of Cape Town, South Africa. She is a recent Masters' graduate at the University of Cape Town in Psychological Research. She holds an undergraduate and honours degree in Psychology from the University of Cape Town. She has a great passion for research on parenting programmes and the prevention of violence in the home. Her current work focuses on adapting Parenting for Lifelong Health Programme to address violence against women (VAW) explicitly, engage men in the Zimbabwean context, and assess its effectiveness. This is a follow-on from her master’s thesis which focused on the initial data collection and analysis to inform the adaptation.


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