The CSSR and the IDCPPA invite you to their weekly lunchtime seminar. The seminar will present findings from a study that sought to understand role of the home environment, community environment, relationships among young people and state support in mediating risk and vulnerability among adolescent girls and young women. For this seminar the presentation will mainly focus on the home environment.

Speaker: Dr. Wanga Zembe-Mkabile a Scientist at the South African Medical Research Council. She is also a senior research fellow at the Southern African Social Policy Research Institute and UNISA under the South African Research Chair in Social Policy. Her research focuses on poverty and inequality in the context of maternal and child health and wellbeing. Her main interests are research and teaching in Social Policy, specifically as this relates to poverty, inequality, health and wellbeing.


HOSTED BY: The Institute for Democracy, Citizenship and Public Policy in Africa was established in 2017 to conduct research into the factors that strengthen and sustain democracy across Africa. It is dedicated to the critical reexamination of democracy in Africa and the development of Africa-centric theory through systematic empirical research and a critical engagement with scholarship on other parts of the world.