Publication Type: Journal article
Year: 2023
Author(s)J. M. Lachman, R. Juhari, F. Stuer, P. Zinser, Q. Han, F. Gardner, A. McCoy, S. N. Yaacob, R. Kahar, M. Mansor, Z. Madon, Z. Arshat, F. Z. M. Nadzri, N. F. A. Aftar & C. Landers 
Unit: SaVI
Journal: BMC Public Health 

Abstract: "Despite impressive strides in health, social protection, and education, children continue to experience high rates of child maltreatment in Malaysia. This mixed-methods study assessed the feasibility of a five-session, social learning-based parenting program delivered by government staff in a community setting to reduce violence against children."

Citation: Lachman, J.M., Juhari, R., Stuer, F. et al. “Before I was like a Tarzan. But now, I take a pause”: mixed methods feasibility study of the Naungan Kasih parenting program to prevent violence against children in Malaysia. BMC Public Health 23, 241 (2023).