Publication Type: Journal article
Year: 2022
Author(s):  Kofi Nseibo, Richard Vergunst, Judith McKenzie, Jane Kelly, Amani Karisa and Brian Watermeyer
Unit: AARHub
Journal: Frontiers in Education

Abstract: "Despite the need for inclusive education in South Africa, many teachers have not been appropriately trained for the inclusion process for learners with disabilities in classrooms. A consideration of teacher education for inclusive education involves examining both the structural and professional barriers to training that prevent effective implementation. We review the outcomes of a teacher education project in South Africa through three studies that emanate from Teacher Empowerment for Disability Inclusion (TEDI) at the University of Cape Town. These studies are a situation analysis; a survey of teacher education availability for working with learners with severe disabilities; and an evaluation of short courses. We draw on these studies to develop a holistic picture of the kind of training needed to develop the knowledge, attitudes and skills of teachers to address barriers to learning that arise from disability. This entails a conceptual analysis of how the different elements of training work together to address learner needs."

Citation: Nseibo, K., Vergunst, R., McKenzie, J. A., Kelly, J., Karisa, A., & Watermeyer, B.  (2022). Learning together: The dynamics of  training teachers for disability inclusion in South Africa. Frontiers in Education, published online..