24 NQF credits at HEQSF level 8


Mapule Mohulatsi and TBC

Course entry requirements

Acceptance for the English honours programme.

Course outline

Debates in African Literature and Critical Thought

Debates in African Literature and Critical Thought is the Honours core course which develops an understanding of some of the major debates and issues within the field of African literary and cultural studies. It is a team-taught seminar which engages critically with terms such as Afropessimsm, Afrosurrealism, Afrocosmopolitanism and Afrofuturism, as well as concepts such as extroversion. Students encounter African archival practice and popular cultures; aesthetics and materiality, as well as the spatial and temporal dimensions of the African literary imaginary, developing the necessary skills to undertake literary criticism, synthesise their thinking and conduct independent archival research. 

Term 3:  Critical Debates in African Literature (TBC)
Term 4: African archival practice and popular cultures (Mapule Mohulatsi)

Set works

  • TBC


  • Including (but not limited to)  group or individual presentations, a literature review essay, reading response exercises and an archival research essay / project.  
  • Total word count: 6000 words