Karlien van der Schyff: ‘Beyond the “Baartman Trope”: Representations of black women’s bodies from the early South African Proto-nationalisms to Postapartheid nationalism’


Rosa Lyster: ‘A History of Apartheid Censorship Through the Archive’

Tara Leverton: ‘Madmen and Mad Money: Psychological Disability and Economics in Medieval and Early Modern Literature’


Daniela Joffe: ‘In the shadows: David Foster Wallace and multicultural America’

Kamil Naicker: ‘Return to the scene of the crime: The returnee detective and postcolonial crime fiction’


Corinne Abel: ‘Power and Transgression: Margins and Monstrous Women in Selected Works of Angela Carter and Bharati Mukherjee’

Uhuru Portia Phalafala: ‘My name is Afrika: Setswana genealogies, trans-Atlantic interlocutions, and NOW-time in Keorapetse Kgositsile’s life and work’


Megan Cawood: ‘Passing On: “The Weight of Memory” and the Second Generation Fiction of Anne Michaels, W.G. Sebald and Bernhard Schlink’

Alexandra Dodd: ‘Secular Séance: Post-Victorian embodiment in contemporary South African Art’

Eckard Smuts: ‘Displaced romanticism: Searching for the “self” in J.M. Coetzee’s autobiographical fiction’


Matthys Crous: ‘Abjection in the novels of Marlene van Niekerk’

Emma O’Shaughnessy: ‘History lives on these streets: Reading place and urban disorder in three post-apartheid Johannesburg novels’

Simon van Schalkwyk: ‘An American parallel for each new European marvel: Robert Lowell’s “Imitations” and the Cold War world’

Sarah Warner: ‘Ruth Miller and the poetics of literary maternity’


Robert Macdonald: ‘Reading restitution in District Six: Law, discourse and “governmentality”’


Donald Powers: ‘Entrapment and emancipation: The limits of reason in J.M. Coetzee’s fiction’