Emeritus Professor John Akokpari

 Room 5.29, Robert Leslie Social 


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    • Politics Department Postgraduate Committee
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    • African politics
    • International relations
    • Political economy
    • Comparative politics
  • Teaching

    Undergraduate teaching

    POL1005S Introduction to Politics B

    POL3045S Global Governance

    Postgraduate teaching

    POL4057F/POL5043F Regionalism in Africa

    POL4033F African Politics 

  • Postgrad Supervision


    • Atta-Asamoah, A 2014Transnational Security Challenges and Statehood in Africa: A Case Study of Drug Trafficking in Ghana.
    • Azevedo, Elisabete 2009; Elected Legislatures in Sub-Saharan Africa: Attitudes of Citizens from 18 Countries towards Legislatures, with a particular focus on Mozambique, its Assembly and Parliamentarians.


    • Ancas, Sarah (JT) 2011; Peacemaking in Africa – A critical analysis of the relationship between the African Union and African sub-regional organizations in recent peacemaking initiatives.
    • Bagwandeen, Mandira (IR) 2013; Will Iranian Oil Still Fuel China? An Analysis of Beijing’s Stance on International Sanctions Against Iran.
    • Boynton, Elspeth (IR) 2015; Protectionism and South Africa’s National Migration Policy.
    • Bybee, Megan (IR) 2015; Water Governance & International Cooperation over Trans-Boundary Water Courses in Southern Africa: The Case of the Okavango River Basin.
    • Duthie, Shawn (IR) 2013; Beyond the rhetoric: A theoretical analysis of the effects of neo-patrimonialism and inter-governmentalism on the integration process in Africa.
    • Edmonds, Gina (IR) 2012; The Next Scramble for Africa? A Critical Analysis of the Implications of Foreign Investment in Sub-Saharan Africa: a study of Mozambique.
    • Eyles, Rupert (IR) 2012; Bananas? A review of applications of ripeness theory in Southern Africa.
    • Harry, Priya  (IR) 2011; Preventing the Resource Curse? An examination of the Chad-Cameroon Pipeline Project.
    • Kadyamatimba, Tafadzwa (IR) 2012; Food security in Zimbabwe: An exploration of the causes.
    • Kim, Suweon (IR) 2009; Leadership and Bureaucracy in Developmental States: Case studies of Korea and Ghana.
    • Kiprota, Sally  (IR) 2012; The East African Community (EAC): Achievements and challenges since 2001.
    • Knoetze, Christopher (IR) 2015; Food Security and Sovereignty in Malawi: Foreign aid’s role in impeding the access and availability of food in Malawi.
    • Lobban, Ryan  (IR) 2011;The Merits of the Human Security Paradigm: A Materialist Account of Peasant Insecurity in sub-Saharan Africa.
    • Malimela, Langelihle (IR) 2010; Analyzing Thabo Mbeki’s policy of ‘quiet diplomacy’ in the Zimbabwean crisis.
    • Mausethagen, Solvi (IR) 2010; The OECD and governance: Investigating the dissemination of ideas in national policy making.
    • Mungwari, Patience (Development Studies - Sociology); Fighting HIV/AIDS Insecurities Using a Human-Rights Based Approach:  A Case Study of Zimbabwe
    • Nagar, Dawn (IR) 2010; Towards A Pax Africana: Southern African Development Community’s Architecture and Evolving Peacekeeping Efforts, 1996 - 2009.
    • Nagar, Marcel (IR) 2015; Democratic Developmental States in Southern Africa: A Study of Botswana and South Africa.
    • Nyoni, Tavaka (IR) 2010;The foreign policy of a radicalised state- the two level game of Zimbabwe's relations with the IMF (2000-2007).
    • Otitodun, Elizabeth (IR) 2010; Post–conflict reconstruction in Angola.
    • Penfold, Erica  (PS) 2011; An analysis of the role of political actors in defining ethnicity and electoral outcomes in Rwanda.
    • Pentenrieder, Justin (IR) 2011; What is the best timing for post-conflict elections? The cases of the First and Second Liberian Civil War.
    • Radebe, Magcino  (PPE) 2011; An analysis of the heavily indebted poor countries' initiative in Uganda.
    • Sauls, Julian (IR) 2011; The Impacts of International Non Governmental Organisation networks on housing policies: A study of Kenya.
    • Setlaba, Mosa (IR) 2011; Foreign Aid in Africa: An analysis of its costs and benefits.
    • Smith, Liesl (IR) 2013; Revisiting Human Responsibilities: Prospects and Challenges.
    • Thompson, Kristen (IR) 2012; Regional Education Initiatives: Lessons for Southern Africa.
    • Van Zyl, Jeanri  (IR) 2010; The Bretton Woods School of Development communication as an 'agent' of modernisation in Sub-Saharan Africa



  • Publications

    • (2013) “The Crisis of Social Cohesion in Africa: Is Regionalism the answer?” in Candice Moore (ed.) Regional Integration and Social Cohesion: Perspectives from the Developing World (Brussels: P.I.E Peter Lang): 131-154.

    • (2013) and Sarah Ancas “The African Union and Regional Economic Communities: A Partnership for Peace and Security?” In Tim Murithi (ed.) Handbook of Africa’s International Relations (London: Routledge): 73-81

    • (2012) “Is Electoral Politics a new source of Human Insecurity in Africa” Afro Asian Journal of Social Sciences 11(3): 1-24

    • (2012)  “Environmental Degradation and Human Insecurity in Sub-Saharan Africa” Journal of Human Security 8(1): 24-46

    • (2011) “The Political Economy of Chinese Capital in Sub-Saharan Africa: Implications for Governance” Global Development Studies 6(3-4), Winter-Spring: 49-78

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    • (2009) “Problems and Prospects for regional integration and Development in Africa” in Adekule Amuwo, Hippolyt Pul and Irene Adadevoh (eds.) Civil Society, Governance and Regional Integration in Africa (Nairobi: DPMF): 297 - 317

  • Past Student Supervision 

    PhD Students 

    • Mandira Bagwandeen (2021) Is China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) a Driver for East Africa’s Railway Development and Regional Integration?

    • Primrose Zvikomborero Joylyn Bimha (2021) The inefficacy of diplomatic responses to democratic crises: A study of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and South Africa’s approaches to the resolution of post-election conflicts in Lesotho (1998) and Zimbabwe (2008).