Associate Professor Zwelethu Jolobe

Associate Professor

 Room 5.34, Robert Leslie Social 


  • Roles

    • Head of Department
    • Staffing committee
    • Postgraduate Committee 
  • Biography

  • External Appointments

    International Advisory Board, International Politics (Palgrave Macmillan)
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  • Research, Knowledge Exchange and Impact

    Research Interests

    International Mediation

    Conflict in Africa


    Current Research Activities

    Writing a book on the politics of mediation in the Great Lakes conflict


    Research Projects

    The Politics of African Union Mediation

  • Teaching

    Undergraduate teaching

    Conflict in World Politics (POL3030F)

    Postgraduate teaching

    Conflict in Africa (POL5034F)

    International Mediation (POL4051S and POL5042S)


  • Postgrad Supervision

    • International Relations 
    • International Mediation and Conflict Resolution 
    • Political Violence
    • Conflict in Africa 
    • Comparative Politics (South African Politics, Electoral Systems, Political Parties)
  • Publications

    • Z Jolobe, “‘Things Fall Apart: Can the Centre Hold?’ The State of Coalition Politics in the Cape Metro” in Sakhela Buhlungu, John Daniel, Roger Southall and Jessica Lutchman (eds.) State of the Nation: South Africa 2006-2007 (Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2007)
    • Z Jolobe, “The Democratic Alliance: Consolidating the Official Opposition”, in Roger Southall and John Daniel (eds.) Zunami: The 2009 South African Election (Johannesburg: Jacana, 2009)
    • Z Jolobe, “Financing the ANC: Chancellor House, Eskom, and the Dilemmas of Party Finance Reform”, in Anthony Butler (ed.) Paying for Politics: Party Funding and Political Change in South Africa and the Global South (Johannesburg: Jacana, 2010)
    • Z Jolobe, “Parliament”, in Albert Venter and Chris Landsberg (eds.) Government and Politics in South Africa (Pretoria: Van Schaik, 2011)
    • Z Jolobe, “A Party for All the People? The DA and the 2011 Local Elections”, in Susan Booysen (ed.) Local Elections in South Africa: Parties, People, Politics (Bloemfontein: Sun Media Metro, 2012)
    • Z Jolobe, “Ayisafani? The Democratic Alliance Election Campaign” in Collette Schulz-Herzenberg and Roger Southall (eds.) Election 2014 South Africa: The Campaigns, Results and Future Prospects (Johannesburg: Jacana, 2014)
    • Z Jolobe and S Graham, “Parliament” in Chris Landsberg and Suzanne Graham (eds.) Government and Politics in South Africa: Coming of Age Fifth Edition (Pretoria: Van Schaik, 2017)
    • Z Jolobe, “Why Post-Apartheid South Africans Rebel: Social Protest, Public Participation and Trust in Institutions”, in Kate Lefko-Everett, Rajen Govender and Donald Foster (eds.) Rethinking Reconciliation: Evidence from South Africa (Cape Town: HSRC Press, 2017)
    • Z Jolobe, “The politics of dominance and survival: Coalition politics in South Africa 1994-2018,” in Senzo Ngubane (ed.) Complexities of Coalition Politics in Southern Africa Monograph Series No. 1/2018 (Durban: ACCORD, 2018)
    • Z Jolobe, “Conflict Formations in Sub-Saharan Africa.” In Oxford Bibliographies in International Relations. Ed. Patrick James. (New York: Oxford University Press, 2019)
    • Z Jolobe, “The Democratic Alliance at a crossroads: The quest for afro-liberalism,” in Collette Schulz-Herzenberg and Roger Southall (eds.) Election 2019: Change and Stability in South Africa's Democracy (Johannesburg: Jacana, 2019)
    • Z Jolobe, International Mediation in the South African Transition: Brokering Power in Intractable Conflicts (London: Routledge, 2019)