Scholars who do not wish to be enrolled for a UCT degree/course, but who would like to conduct their own research at UCT, may apply to be an Affiliate for the intended duration. 

Affiliates are administered by our International Academic Programmes Office (IAPO).

Information on affiliation, application procedures, as well as IAPO contact details will be found here: 

The Department's input into the application process

Before applying formally, please contact us to find out whether we are able to host you for the duration of your stay.  Email the Head of Department, with a copy to the Administrative Officer, to introduce yourself and let them know the proposed time frames of your intended stay.

In the event that we are able to host you for the intended period, the department will forward the hosting letter to IAPO, with a copy to yourself, agreeing to do so. 

Please be aware that there is a fee levied for affiliation. Refer to the Fee Handbook.

What services and facility access can be expected from UCT/the Department

Affiliation includes the use of UCT library and student computer facilities.

Informal consultation with staff is on an availability basis (see here for staff details). If you would like to meet with any particular staff members, it would be advisable to approach them beforehand to see whether they would be amenable/available for consultation.

Due to staff members' heavy supervisory workloads for our own Honours and Masters students, supervision for external theses cannot be provided.

Affiliates are welcome to attend open seminars hosted by the department which are not course-based seminars.

Access to our postgraduate intranet - through which we communicate with our students and also inform them of seminars and talks - can be provided if wanted.

Office space is limited and we regret that we do not have available offices to spare.