Programme objectives:

The Honours and Master’s Programmes in Politics are intended, broadly, to develop skills in political research, primarily in the study of national political processes. Students will learn how to use existing literature and theory to ask important research questions, identify appropriate evidence, and to apply relevant methods of analysis. The core courses focus on issues such as comparative politics, political institutions, political behaviour, public policy, democratisation, African and South African politics, and political theory.  The degree comprises coursework and a research project or minor dissertation.

Admission requirements:

Specific additional entry requirements are a major in Political Studies or a strong academic background in a related discipline (e.g. Public Administration, Sociology, Psychology, Economics, Criminology, Law, History or Philosophy).

HONOURS (126 Credits)

African Political Theory 



Comparative Politics 


Global Politics 


Research Methods in Politics 

(Research Project) 






MASTER’S (192 Credits)

A-list elective A-list or B-list elective RMM
SOC5030F or SOC5052F
12.5% 12.5% 12.5% 6.25% 6.25% 50%

(RMM=research methods module - see description further below)

 A-list Electives

Course Code


POL5001F/S Comparative Politics (for Master's only) 24
POL5023S Political Behaviour and Research (for Master’s only) 24
POL5029F/S Political Ethics 24
POL5034F/S Conflict in Africa 24
POL5037S Post-Conflict Justice in Africa 24
POL5041F/S History of SA Political Thought 24
POL5044F South African Politics 24
POL5045F/S Third World Politics 24
POL5046S Democratisation 24

 B-list Electives

Students may select electives from list B or other electives appropriate to their programme and research interests, subject to approval by the Convener. List B options may not replace list A options.

ECO4114S The Economics of Conflict, War and Peace 14
ECO4020S Economic Challenges in Africa 14
ECO4028S Policy Analysis 14
ECO4051S Development Economics 14
ECO5003F Governance and Growth 30
ECO5064S Institutional Behavioural Economics 30
EDN5094S Learning and Cognition 20
EDN6038S Economics, Equity and Educational Policy 36
FAM4008F Media Theory and Media Research 24
FAM4010F Media Markets and Media Strategy 24
FAM4013F Political Communication 24
FAM4031S South African Public Rhetoric 24
PBL4804F Crime and Criminology 30
PBL5623F Governing Under the Constitution: Law and Practice 30
SOC5019F Race, Class and Identities 12
SOC4010F Development Theory 12
SOC5003F Diversity and Society 12
SOC5010F Advanced Development Theories 12

 Research Methods Modules (RMM)  ** Master’s only ** 

POL5035F Data Analysis in Political Science (compulsory for Master’s) 12
SOC5030F In-depth Interviewing 12
SOC5052F Survey Data Analysis 12