Michaelis Masters students at the Sao Paulo Art Biennale

04 Dec 2023
Masters students Sao Paulo
04 Dec 2023

The Michaelis Master's students have made a trip to the Sao Paulo Arts Biennale in Brazil. The 35th São Paulo Biennial, which takes place from September 6 to December 10, 2023 under the title 'Choreographies of the impossible', emerges as an invitation to radical imagination about the unknown, or even about the impossible. The curators want to create space for 'radical imaginations about the unknown' with contributions from artists including Julien Creuzet, Ellen Gallagher, and Torkwase Dyson. 

They said their choice of the term choreography 'helps us reflect on how the idea of moving freely remains at the core of a neoliberal conception of freedom.'

Instead, they said they wanted to 'make room for a continuous dance which we can choreograph together, even in difference.'