Delise Reich, part time lecturer in sculpture at Michaelis School of Fine Art 1947-2024

17 Apr 2024
Delise image
17 Apr 2024

Michaelis School of Fine Art is saddened by the passing of Delise Reich on 13 April. Delise was a part time sculpture lecturer at UCT between 1989 to 2016 and made a huge contribution to the school, teaching ceramic sculpture and mould-making for over 30 years.

Delise started her career as a biology and general science teacher after graduating with a BSc and HDE at UCT. After teaching at different high schools she returned to UCT in 1982 where she completed her BAFA and then MFA in 1988. She went on to work part time in the sculpture section where she imparted her deep knowledge of ceramics and mould making to thousands of students.  She also taught sculpture intermittently at the University of Stellenbosch and the Community Arts Project. She held evening ceramics classes and short courses at Michaelis, which were very popular with the public, and supervised the Masiphumelele high school learner workshops hosted by Michaelis, and the annual campus staff clay workshops.

Under her close tutelage generations of students produced clay head portraits, and many of these can still be seen around the school and in former students’ homes. Delise was immensely kind, generous, inspiring and supportive to students and staff. All that knew her remember her with fondness.

Delise was also a practicing artist who worked largely in figurative sculpture. In 2010, she was commissioned by UCT to make a bronze and ceramic head of Mrs Emmeline Barnard Fuller, one of the first women to graduate from UCT after which a residence was named.  Delise took part in a number of group exhibitions locally and abroad, and her work is housed in several public collections.

Delise, go well. You will be missed.