NOTE: Applications close on 31st October

This programme is designed to provide opportunities for advanced theoretical, strategic and curriculum engagement for those who have already completed undergraduate studies in the fields of Adult, Community or Vocational education, as well as to prepare students who wish to progress to an academic Masters degree in Adult Education. 

Admission Requirements

  • A 4-year BEd degree, OR 
  • A 3-year Bachelor’s degree, OR 
  • A Level 7 Advanced Diploma (HEQSF level 7), in a cognate specialisation.

The programme comprises the following four courses:

EDN4506F: South African Education in Context
This course addresses the foundations of education and professional studies in the South African context. It provides an overview of the education system and enables students to locate themselves within it, drawing on perspectives from history, sociology and policy studies. Within this broad framework, students will be able to deepen their interests in different strands of education theory and practice, covering adult education, higher education and different aspects of schooling, including classroom practice and educational leadership and management.

EDN4518F: Knowledge & Experience in Adult Education    
The course aims to enable students to critically examine the relationship between knowledge and experience in adult and vocational education programmes that have practice as their central focus, and to explore implications for curriculum planning. It explores key debates around the relationship between knowledge and experience, and introduces students to a range of theoretical resources that examine the relationship between knowledge and experience and how knowledge translates into practice. 

EDN4511F: Learning at Work
This course explores current debates around the relationship between work and learning. It takes as its starting point changes in the organisation of work under globalisation, and implications of these for adult education and training. It reviews current debates around new forms of learning and knowledge; the shifting relationship between formal education and the workplace; education for the informal economy; and social inequalities in work and learning. Students will reflect critically on their own experiences, and design new possibilities for learning at work. 

EDN4509W: Researching Practice in Education
The aim of this course is to introduce students to methodological approaches to research in their field/specialism, and enable them to develop competence in conducting a piece of research and producing a research report. Students will read and critically analyse a range of research reports in order to discern the design logic of each study. Students will then conduct a research project, which may include a piece of empirical research, or a review of research in a particular field, drawing out implications for professional practice.

Application Procedure
To make a formal application you need to complete the UCT application for postgraduate admission on or before the 31 October. Please follow the links below and complete the forms with the greatest care to detail.

Please include a CV and Motivation Letter with your application. In your CV please include work (including volunteer experience) and participation in community organisations or other related activities. In your Motivation Letter please explain your reason for pursuing this course of study. If there is any particular area you wish to specialise, please also indicate this in your letter. As this course is designed for Adult and Community Education and Training practitioners, prior experience in the ACET field will be valuable in gaining admission.  

Please find online application information and links below:

For any queries with your online application, please contact the Admissions Office on (021) 650 2128 or one of the staff members will be able to talk you through the process.

NB: Please note that the PgDip is not offered via distance education, all UCT Adult Education programmes are only offered in Cape Town.