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Annemarie Hattingh

Physical science teacher education with a special focus on curriculum design for authentic learning in problem-based learning environments; teacher effectiveness in constraining contexts; and doctoral learning communities of practice.
Azeem Badroodien Sociological study of school organisation and leadership; Sociological study of teachers’ work; South African schooling and inequality; TVET education debates; Inclusive education; Discipline and Education (crime and disorder).
Carolyn McKinney Language and Literacy curriculum and pedagogy; Language in education policy; Language across the curriculum; Bilingual and Multilingual education; Classroom discourse and trans-languaging; Language ideologies in education; Critical literacy Language, literacy and power in education; Identity/subjectivity and learning; Racially desegregated schooling.
Catherine Kell Policy; curriculum and pedagogy in language and literacy education; History and theory of language and literacy studies; Linguistic anthropology of education; Critical literacy; Digital literacies across the lifespan; Out-of-school literacy practices; Material culture of writing; Multimodality and learning.
Dick Ng'ambi Mobile learning; Emerging technologies in education; Emerging digital practices; Digital cultures; Social learning; Online learning; Transformative pedagogies; Knowledge production; Open Education Resources (OER), Design Based Research (DBR), Play, Gamification, Game-based learning, Indigenous Games, and Generative Artificial Intelligence in Education.
Joanne Hardman Educational psychology; Cultural Historical/sociocultural theory; Teaching and learning in primary schools; Teaching with technology; Well-being and mental health; Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder; Psychology and pedagogy; Child and adolescent development; Cyber Bullying.
Leigh-Ann Naidoo Education and social justice; social movements as sites of knowledge production; the roles of education in resistance movements; histories of radical education and student resistance; and thinking about the figure of the intellectual and the teacher as an intellectual.
Lesley Powell Vocational Education and Training (VET), with theoretical interest being the ways in which learning and skills can intervene in poverty and particularly the ways in which it can advance the conditions for meaningful and sustainable livelihoods. 
Lyndal Pottier Adult and community education and the relationships of these with social justice, inequality and social change.
Rose-Anne Reynolds Early childhood education; Childhood Studies; Philosophy of Childhood; Pedagogies of enquiry (for example the Community of Philosophical Enquiry); Pedagogies of questioning; South African Post-apartheid primary schooling; Foundation Phase teaching and learning.
Rudi Laugksch Scientific literacy or public understanding of science; science teacher development and training at in-service level; policy issues related to the provision of teaching and learning in the natural sciences; teaching and learning in Biology; Science teacher education; Life Science teacher education; Scientific literacy and Public understanding of science.
Shaheeda Jaffer Computational analysis of mathematics teaching, learning and assessment in primary and secondary schools; Cognitive science approach to mathematics education research related to primary and secondary schooling; Mathematics policy and curricula for schooling; Mathematics teaching and learning resources/texts for primary and secondary schools; Mathematics teacher education for primary and secondary schooling.
Soraya Abdulatief Academic literacies, teacher education; critical pedagogy; multimodalities with an emphasis on the visual; using technology in education and debates around race, gender, language and literacies.
Ursula Hoadley Curriculum policy analysis; Studies of school subjects; Pedagogy in primary school classrooms; Structured early grade reading interventions; Foundation Phase teaching and learning; Sociological study of school organisation and leadership; Sociological study of teachers’ work; South African schooling and inequality.
Warren Lilley Educational Technology; Cultural-Historical Activity Theory; Formative-Intervention Research; Transformational Pedagogies; Digital Inequalities; Digital Equity; Language Learning; Mathematics Education; and Science Education.
Xolisa Guzula Biliteracy development; emergent literacy; bi/multilingual education; language and literacy as social practice; multi-literacies;  multi-modality; third spaces and bilingual children's literature.
Yunus Omar South African schooling and inequality; Sociological study of teachers’ work; Sociological study of school organisation and leadership.
Zain Davis Computational analyses of mathematics teaching and learning; teaching/learning texts, mathematics curricula; Cognitive scientific analyses of pedagogy and learning concerned with the reproduction of school mathematics; Sociological analyses of pedagogic practices concerned with mathematics teaching/learning and texts; Psychoanalytic analyses of pedagogic relations and texts concerned with mathematics teaching/learning; Philosophical interrogation of educational practices concerned with mathematics teaching/learning; Semiotic analyses of texts concerned with mathematics teaching/learning; Mathematics education curriculum/policy analyses; Experimental research on the learning of mathematics; Critical interrogations of theories of learning and teaching in mathematics education; Linguistic analyses of the relation between language and mathematics; specifically drawing on cognitive science and biolinguistics; to understand the generation and externalisation of communicative utterances and teacher-learner-text relations in pedagogic situations concerned with the (re)production of mathematics.