Higher Education Studies Programmes

Are you looking to build on your understanding of teaching and learning in higher education, given the challenges of transformation and decolonisation of the curriculum in current times or the move to online teaching? Are you feeling challenged by the changes you feel you have to make but not sure how to go about it? Do you want to engage more deeply in the theory and practice of teaching, conducting research or advancing your own knowledge of educational practice in higher education?

You may want to consider one of the Higher Education Studies (HES) programmes at the University of Cape Town. We offer the PGDip (coursework only) and Master’s by coursework/ dissertation. Most classes take place in the afternoon once a week to accommodate working students. The programmes will be offered in contact or online mode, contingent on the context of the pandemic.  

For the PGDip, you need to have completed a Bachelor’s level university qualification and you must have experience in higher education teaching. The diploma is not a “learn to teach” programme but an application to existing practice. It uses a reflective practice pedagogy and model, so it is important that participants have a classroom context to apply what is learnt on the programme. The PGDip consists of 3 core and one elective courses.

For the Master’s Programme, applicants need to have completed a PGDip or Honours level programme that has included a research project.  Applicants need to have achieved at least 65% average for the PGDip/Honours. Current experience in Higher Education is required for the programme. 
The masters programme consists of 3 core and one elective module, and a Minor Dissertation. The main courses offered for the Higher Education Stream are the following:

  • EDN4504F: Learning and Teaching in Higher Education (LTHE) (core for PGDip and Masters)
  • EDN4505S: Higher Education Assessment and Evaluation Practice (core for PGDip)
  • EDN4510S: Curriculum and Course Design in Higher Education (core for PGDip)
  • EDN5511F: Researching Higher Education (elective for Master’s and PGDip)
  • EDN5514F: Knowledge and Curriculum in Higher Education (core for Masters)
  • EDN5505F/S: Advanced Research Design (core for masters)

The Learning and Teaching in Higher Education course is the foundation and core course for both the PGDIP and Master’s programmes. It also serves as a course of choice for university teachers who take it for non-degree purposes.  The LTHE is based on coursework with 5 mini assignments based on classroom practice. Classes take place in the late afternoon (2 hourly) once a week to accommodate working students. 

For general information about the PGDip and Master’s programme, please contact Mrs Avrill Dawson (avrill.dawson@uct.ac.za) and/or the convenor Assoc Prof Daniela Gachago (daniela.gachago@uct.ac.za).