Academic programme starts today, 19 March 2021

16 Mar 2021
16 Mar 2021

Dear students,

Following on from the VC desk released this morning, this is to confirm that the academic programme has started in the Humanities Faculty as of today.

As you know, most of our classes are online this semester with some exceptions, especially in the performing and creative arts departments. If you are unsure whether you have in person classes, please consult with the academics in your departments. You can also find a list of classes that do NOT require face-to-face here.

We are all concerned about starting the academic year whilst some students are not yet registered. The additional day set aside for registration yesterday allowed us to make big strides. Fee blocks were lifted for 553 humanities students and as of yesterday afternoon, we had 4427 undergraduate and 1378 postgraduate students enrolled. SMSs and notices also went out to students yesterday inviting them to register. We hope that most of the remaining students will be registered by the end of today.

Our teaching staff will be making arrangements to ensure that all students, including those who are not yet registered, have access to the materials and support that they need. This might involve postponing some practicals and tutorials until next week, organising additional support classes for those who could not be present, and extending deadlines on assignments.

A very warm welcome to all of you and I wish you all the best for the 2021 academic year.


A/Prof Shose Kessi


Faculty of Humanities