Spirals: Hauntings on Friday, 29th of October

22 Oct 2021
22 Oct 2021


The Centre for Curating the Archive will host another session of the Spirals virtual seminar series on Friday 29 October 2021, between 3-4:30pm (SAST). Titled 'Hauntings' it turns to the possibilities of the spectral, ghosts and spirits as a creative point of entry into the past.

Circulating ideas about art, art practise and archival engagement between two lively, dynamic, yet different global north and global south settings, the series draws Berlin based art practitioners, curators, and scholars into a conversation with scholars and students based in Cape Town.

We are delighted to host Nnenna Onuoha, a Ghanaian-Nigerian researcher and artist based in Berlin, as our speaker. Her films and videos centre Afrodiasporic voices to explore monumental silences surrounding the histories and afterlives of colonialism across West Africa, Europe and the US, asking: how do we remember, which pasts do we choose to perform and why? Her talk, 'Filming Ghosts, Silences and Hidden Things', draws examples from past experiences, particularly the making of the short film “Rosenfelde” during her recent residency with Dekoloniale Berlin, her talk focuses on turning to ghosts and speculation in spaces where the past cannot directly be engaged due to outright denial or other bureaucratic obstacles.  

We are excited to have filmmaker and media studies scholar, Dylan Valley, Lecturer in the Centre for Film and Media Studies at the University of Cape Town, as our discussant.

Please join us then via the Spirals Zoom link (Meeting ID: 943 9334 3102/Passcode: 502028). 

This is an exciting session, and we look forward to engaging with you then.