Claire Tatham

Research Assistant, Adolescent Accelerators Research Hub

Research Project(s)

  • HEY BABY (Helping Empower Youth Brought up in Adversity with their Babies and Young children)

Research Interests

  • Learning difficulties and disabilities
  • Child development
  • Inclusive education
  • Intervention impact evaluation and implementation


Claire Tatham is a research assistant at the Adolescent Accelerators Research Hub at the Centre for Social Science, primarily working on the HEY BABY project. They completed their tertiary education at the University of Cape Town and holds a BScoSci in Psychology and Economics, BScoSci(Hons) in Psychology. They are currently completing their Master's in Development Economics, exploring the associations between Child Support Grant access and child development. Their first co-authored research paper looked at social father involvement and adolescent adjustment, exploring the role of the social father in adolescents’ lives and the impact of their involvement on adolescent adjustment. They also co-authored a research paper titled “Screening for Working Memory Difficulties Using the Do-It Profiler and Neuropsychological Pen-and-Paper Tests in High School Learners,” exploring the validity of a computer-based assessment tool. They have 7 years’ experience working directly with children. Before starting at the CSSR, they worked as a special needs tutor and school facilitator for children with neuropsychological difficulties and disabilities, such as autism. They have also worked with adolescents with neuropsychological disabilities through a 3-month internship at Able2, an organization that works with youth with disabilities. 

 Claire Tatham CV