Publication Type: Journal article
Year: 2022
Author(s): Aimee Tredoux, Nathan Phillander, Huw Williams, Catherine L. Ward, and Leigh Schrieff-Brown 
Unit: SaVI
Journal: South African Journal of Psychology

Abstract: "Aggressogenic parenting styles are associated with increased rates of callous and unemotional traits, and in turn, with antisocial behaviours. Traumatic brain injury is also associated with antisocial behaviour, but not callous and unemotional traits specifically. No study has previously investigated these three variables, aggressogenic parenting, traumatic brain injury, and callous and unemotional traits, in a single study. The study setting was Cape Town, South Africa. The sample included high school boys (N = 54), aged 13–21 years in an observational, descriptive study. We hypothesised that boys who reported that they had sustained a traumatic brain injury and who had been exposed to aggressogenic parenting would display increased levels of callous and unemotional traits, and that those with traumatic brain injury but had experienced positive parenting would display lower levels of such traits. The main measures included the Comprehensive Health Assessment Tool, the Inventory of Callous/Unemotional traits, and the Alabama Parenting Questionnaire. Results show that almost 41% (22/54) of participants reported sustaining a traumatic brain injury. Aggressogenic parenting significantly moderated callous and unemotional traits only in participants with traumatic brain injury, F(1.46) = 4.76, p = .03, while positive parenting and substance use did not. In conclusion, traumatic brain injury in the presence of aggressogenic parenting is associated with greater callous and unemotional traits in this sample of adolescent boys."

Citation: Tredoux, A., Philander, N., Williams, H., Ward, C.L., & Schrieff-Brown, L. (2022). Investigating parenting factors, traumatic brain injury and callous and unemotional traits in a sample of high school students in a South African setting. South African Journal of Psychology, published online.