Publication Type: Journal article
Year: 2022
Author(s): Janani Vijayaraghavan, Ajita Vidyarthi, Alana Livesey, Lesley Gittings, Marcy Levy, Amit Timilsina, Danielle Mullings, and Christopher Armstrong
Unit: AARHub
Journal: BMJ

Abstract: "Janani Vijayaraghavan and colleagues argue that agency and health are intimately connected; achieving best health outcomes for adolescents will require strengthening their agency."

Citation: Vijayaraghavan, J, Livesey, A., Vidyarthi, A., Gittings, L., Levy, M., Timilsina, A., Mullings, D. (2022). Strengthening adolescent  agency for optimal health outcomes. BMJ, 379, e069484.