Year: 2008
Working paper number: 221
Author: Conradie, Beatrice
Unit: SSU

The Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (47 of 1996) provides for a range of statutory measures given that a Section 7 committee of the NAMC (National Agricultural Marketing Council) can be convinced that these measures would improve market access for all and the overall efficiency of the market. Such an investigation was requested in 2006 and completed in early 2008 (NAMC, 2008). Being allowed to collect a levy is the key benefit of statutory measures, which also includes registration and records and returns, but before any industry qualifies for statutory measures, it must convince Government that it a) has the support of all stakeholders and b) exactly know the extent of the industry. This survey is the first national survey of beekeepers in fourteen years and an important response to the NAMC recommendations towards qualifying for a statutory levy.

Publication file: WP221.pdf